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This yoga wheel set Helps Combine Fun With Health Benefits Those who say that mastering yoga only comes with years of practice clearly didn’t have the chance to use UpCircleSeven’s Yoga Wheel 3 pack. Ideal for both novice and advanced yogis, this prop helps yoga practitioners to both hone their skills, advance their workout routines, and improve key aspects of their yoga regimens. A Multi-Tasking Prop While anyone with a sharp eye for exercise execution might have an inkling on how to incorporate this yoga wheel set into their yoga sessions, we want to help everyone take full advantage of its large number of applications. How Can I Use This Wheel? The possibilities are endless. Here’s a primer on its key benefits and uses: Increase muscle and spine flexibility Improve balance, core and back strength Stretch and release tension from all common, pain-triggering points: shoulder, chest, hip and back Gain fluidity of motion that will help you execute all poses with ease Facilitate sequential posing Perform advanced backbends and handstands Spice Up Your Yoga Sessions This lightweight and portable yoga wheel can be used during at-home or in-studio workout sessions, allowing for posing freedom and improvisation that will help you appreciate yoga, even more! The Ideal Gift This wheel makes the perfect present to all yogis, be it beginners or seasoned yoga practitioners! Wheel Sizing Specifications: 12 inch x 5 inch
Strongest Yoga Wheel Set On The Market -Able to withstand 330 – 550 lbs! Lower quality yoga wheels are made of PVC – which is not safe or durable! Our yoga wheel does not flex unlike cheaper competitor products so you can perform backbends and poses with ease, safety, and support.
Ultimate Comfort – Our yoga wheel 3 pack features the thickest padding available. It’s superior quality & design cushions your palms, feet, and back providing a remarkable sense of comfort.
Sweat Resistant – Our Closed Cell Technology padding helps prevent moisture accumulation and is made of specialized TPE padding to help fight off musky perspiration scents.
Experience the Quality – Our Yoga Wheel Set delivers unparalleled quality and craftsmanship. Designed with care and attention to detail, this yoga wheel set is made to stand the test of time.
Optimized for Performance – Take your yoga practice beyond the mat with our well-loved Yoga Whee set. It’s perfect if you’re looking to enhance your flexibility, strength and balance.


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