WRIST BUDDY® Yoga Blocks | Engineered to Help Wrist Pai…


Price: $42.99
(as of Apr 26, 2024 04:36:58 UTC – Details)

If you want Better Support for your wrists, More Comfort for your hands, and a Stronger Grip on the blocks, with Improved Stability and Performance, then the smart choice is WRIST BUDDY yoga blocks.
60% Less Wrist Pressure | Doctor-designed for wrist support | Shifts body weight to the palm | Best comfort for weight-bearing poses | Yoga block accessories for women and men Gymnastics Handstand
25% Narrower Ergonomic Grip compared to standard blocks and wedges | Provides maximum cushion grip strength and stability | Yoga essentials | Meditation accessories Pilates Peloton Push Up Crossfit
Textured Hand-Shaped Cutouts for Non-Slip Grip | Best tools for hand and wrist comfort | Master all of your poses | Best yoga props Yoga sets starter kit Yoga supplies Closed cell foam
Flexible Fit | See videos for hand placement. Center your hand on the palm arch and adjust to find your best spot. Marked for Right and Left. Fingers do not have to fill cutouts.
Tested & Approved | Hand and wrist-friendly design backed at yoga teacher and studio level | No yoga mats strap bolster wedge bricks blanket or towel | Latex-free Eco friendly


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