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With the featured design, Yes4All floor pillows for sitting are the ideal companion as well as a large yoga pillow for sitting on the floor. Don’t worry about numb muscles, back pain, or sore joints, experience the comfort and support from our yoga and meditation sitting pillow as you embark on your mindfulness journey.

About round yoga bolster pillow for restorative yoga:
– Standing approximately 5 1/2 inches in height, the large floor pillows for sitting on are filled with a combination of 100% buckwheat hulls and PU foam padding.
– Wrapped in a plush and opulent velvet cover, the Zafu meditation cushion can be easily washed, thanks to the convenient zipper design.
– Transporting the yoga cushions for meditation is effortless with its built-in handle.

Why should choose our yoga pillows for meditation?
– Adjustable height can be achieved by unzipping the Buddhist meditation pillow cushion cover and removing a desired amount of buckwheat hulls.
– Offering versatile functionality, our yoga pillow bolster not only improves posture during meditation but also serves as a comfortable lotus floor pillow seating for coffee table & decorative cushions for meditation chairs.
– Our meditation sitting pillows for the floor and velvet cotton bolster pillow yoga covers are exquisite yoga inspirational gift ideas for women.

Include this buckwheat meditation cushion in your yoga and meditation accessories collection, as well as create a comfortable atmosphere for your meditation room. Pair it with a velvet floor cushion or back support for sitting on the ground to enhance your mindfulness experience. Experience our blue, purple and grey meditation pillow.
IMPROVE MEDITATION MOMENT: Yes4All’s meditation pillow supports correct postures ensuring focused meditation practice & mindfulness sessions; Portable yoga cushion works as travel meditation cushion with smart handles for relaxing everywhere
PRESSURE RELIEF FOR JOINT & BACK: Our meditation floor pillows & cushions support muscles effortlessly after prolonged sitting with designed floor seating & pillows for adults; Relax into peaceful meditation with our yoga seat pillow
COFFEE TABLE & SOFA PILLOW: This round yoga bolster serves as a stylish floor sitting pillow; Delicate pattern adds elegant touch to living room decoration, making it meditation & yoga accessories, inspirational gifts for women and beloved
EASY TO ASSEMBLY: Easily adding or removing buckwheat hulls with zipper seal to suit preference; Personalized fit yoga pillows for yin yoga also provide comfort for use as floor cushions for adults or prayer pillow
EASY TO CLEAN & WASH: Yoga seat or bolster pillow to sit on includes a velvet cover for effortless hygiene; With a convenient zipper design, floor cushions for sitting make cover removal effortless & machine washable in delicate mode


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